Enjoying Niagara Wine: The Festival Experience

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Attending a fabulous Niagara wine festival will enhance one's knowledge of wine tasting technique and how important good form truly is. Before your adventure, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind during a tasting tour:

- Remember that colour is important. The colour of the wine you taste can signify certain flavour properties. Rich grapes will present at opaque and deep in red colour where as lighter sweet wines will be more transparent in a glass.

- Smell is extremely valuable when determining if a wine is right for you. Pungent grapes will give off bitter notes in rich and deep reds. Be sure to remain in tune with flavour notes when sniffing - chocolate, citrus, floral and even coffee are popular undertones that can be detected with the nose.

- Do not take huge gulps of wine! Always sip the wine slowly during the tasting to enjoy the flavor and describe its properties.

- Once the wine glass is empty, do a quick analysis. Does the taste linger within the mouth? Is it full-bodied or light? Does it have any depth?

Impress your friends with your outstanding style and knowledge of Niagara wines by attending an exciting wine festival this year!
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Who Participates in a Wine Tour?


First and foremost, those who chose to participate in a wine tour must love wine. Experiencing Niagara region wine is a learning experience best suited for those who wish to explore the wine making process with curious enthusiasm.


Professionals who have refined taste and seek to enjoy an elegant and enriching experience will benefit immensely by participating in a wine tasting festival.


A festival is a great idea for those who have done a tour and are looking for something more far-reaching. Niagara wine festivals run throughout the year at a number of different featured venues. Those who choose to participate will enjoy seasonal specialties complimented by local delicacies that pair well with the wine.


If one has a truly deep appreciation for a certain type of wine, a festival probably exists that highlights the grape. Chardonnay lovers, for example, could enjoy a mid-summer Niagara festival, which fosters those who love a good dry white.


Great tour companies will always have a helpful web platform where interested clients can explore festival details in length. Search online for the best Niagara wine festival right now!

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